Avaya Inc.

Avaya Inc. is a developer of developer tools and system tools. The current developer portfolio contains 265 programs. The most popular software is Avaya one-X Communicator with 8 installations on Windows PC.

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Best software by Avaya Inc.

Avaya one-X Communicator
Avaya one‐X Communicator is a rich Unified Communications client.
Java Device Manager
Is a Java based management program that visualizes the network topology map.
Avaya IP Softphone
A simple way to communicate and make phone calls using your internet connection.

Popular programs by Avaya Inc.

Avaya Site Administration
Administration and maintenance management of individual Avaya Media Servers.
Avaya Message Manager
Intuity Message Manager is an integrated messaging solution.
Avaya IP Agent
It is a software with advanced telephony features for agents in a contact center.
Avaya MVIPTel
It provides significant control of software distribution &
Avaya Gateway Installation Wizard
It leads you through the process of configuring Avaya Media Gateway.

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